Friday, July 19, 2013

In the USA, its OK (mandatory?) to slip something of value to "his'onor"

The New York Times reported today (July 19 2013) on the transparently corrupt conviction of a blogger, who has been a relentless Putin critic.

According to the Times, the chief prosecution witness 
"gave contradictory evidence, and defense lawyers were not allowed to cross-examine him. In addition, Judge Blinov barred the defense from calling 13 witnesses."
The cynical exile from civil society of a critic, effected by criminal conviction engineered by judges is not restricted to Russia. This is what happened to me.

I complained about the documented, ethical misconduct of a federal judge, but the supervising judges on the federal 5th circuit, simply circled their little wagon, not bothering to investigate the judge. 

This opened the door for state court judges, lemmings each and all, to drum me out of the legal profession by "suspending" my law license. 

None of my three licenses will be restored until (under the Louisiana disciplinary rules) I "apologize" - for telling the truth about a be-robed miscreant who probably should never have made it to the federal bench but who, once there, enjoyed a complete lack of supervision of the ethical performance of his duties.

There was never even the pretense of an investigation of my formal complaints by the Fifth Circuit Judges. 

Without investigating on their own, the top judges in the three states where I held a law license were free to characterize my documented complaints as mere "allegations" and lift my law license for coming forward to complain. 

So much for the integrity of the judges on the 

5th federal circuit 

and the state high court judges in 


These judges merely pretend to high ethical standards. They are as concerned about the ethical behavior of a judicial colleague as a moo cow is in the outcome of the Kentucky Derby. 

If you want to win in federal court, slip something of value to "his'onor" since a travel gift or some other perk to the judge is the only (un)ethical rule that counts. 

When I objected to all this - travel gifts, doing business with lawyers, ignoring the judicial complaint rules, failing to transfer to another judge a motion into his financial ties to lawyers appearing before him -  all this raised no alarms in the chambers of other judges. 

Instead, each and all of my "allegations" merely provided grounds for state court judges to become the executioners of my reputation.

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